Bezzie dog food review
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Bezzie dog food review

An Exclusive Bezzie Dog Food Review

Bezzie provides dog food subscription boxes that prioritize premium, eco-friendly ingredients. Their website allows you to provide details about your pet, receiving tailored recommendations regarding the appropriate type and quantity of food.

After the initial two-week subscription, Bezzie proceeds to dispatch a monthly box, thoughtfully portioned to cover your pet’s needs for the entire month. You maintain the flexibility to refine your order whenever necessary.

How Bezzie Operates

Understanding how Bezzie functions is a straightforward, four-step process that’s easy to navigate. It empowers you to craft a personalized dietary plan for your canine companion, centered around top-quality ingredients, ensuring they receive the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients they need.

The process of setting up a new account and placing your first order encompasses the following steps:

1.Provide Basic Information

Upon creating a new account, you’ll be prompted to share some essential details about your “bezzie” (dog). Information such as your dog’s weight, age, activity level, breed, and gender enables Bezzie’s system to generate a customized nutrition plan. This step is user-friendly and typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

2.Tailor Your Plan

Once you’ve completed your pet’s profile, you’ll access a page with suggested dietary options. By default, this includes a combination of 50% wet food and 50% dry food. However, you have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed. Dry food is a more budget-friendly choice, making it suitable for those with financial constraints.

Additionally, you can choose the specific flavors you prefer. If you’re the guardian of a picky eater that steers clear of seafood, simply deselect the salmon bites option to receive an equal mix of pork, lamb, and chicken varieties.

3.Benefit from a Trial Box

Your inaugural Bezzie box is part of a two-week trial period. This initial order comes with a generous 70% discount, allowing you to explore the service without a substantial financial commitment. Should you choose to continue with Bezzie, subsequent boxes will be dispatched every four weeks.

4.Adjust Your Subscription to Suit Your Needs

One notable feature we appreciate about Bezzie is its flexibility in customizing your subscription as needed. If you observe that your pet is gaining weight, you can simply order fewer calories. Conversely, if your pet is losing weight, you can increase the quantity. And if your furry friend has specific flavor preferences, you have the option to exclude those they don’t fancy.

Short review Bezzie dog food 


  • Simple ordering process
  • Recurring pet food deliveries
  • Uses high-quality, sustainable ingredients
  • Provides tailored food profiles for your dog
  • No long-term contract required


  • Only available for dogs
  • Small selection of wet food
  • Can’t buy products individually

Food Variety and Quality

Корм для собак Bezzie – разнообразие и качество корма

Bezzie presents a range of wet and dry foods, cleverly labeled as “nosh” and “bites.” Although they currently exclusively offer dog food, Bezzie has plans to introduce a line for cats in the near future. The hallmark of Bezzie products lies in their professional formulation, utilizing high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients like lamb, beef, and fresh vegetables. In contrast to some generic dog food brands on the market, Bezzie refrains from incorporating low-nutrition fillers to bulk up their offerings.

All food items are packaged in sealed containers with an extended shelf life. A comprehensive nutritional profile is provided on the packaging of each product, as well as on the company’s website. For a detailed breakdown of the ingredients used in each product, you can refer to the recipes page on the company’s website.

Bezzie openly highlights the fact that all its recipes undergo light cooking processes to preserve both flavor and nutritional value. Every recipe complies with AAFCO standards and, in a noteworthy commitment, adheres to USDA standards for human consumption. In essence, all Bezzie products are considered safe for sharing with your furry companion, should you be inclined to do so!

Bezzie’s wet food offerings (nosh) consist of:

  1. Chicken Nosh, featuring fresh cage-free chicken, carrots, and peas.
  2. Beef Nosh, with beef, sweet potato, and spinach.

The dry food range (bites) is more extensive, encompassing:

  1. Salmon Bites, featuring salmon, lentils, peas, and a medley of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Pork Bites, including pork, a variety of grains, and a blend of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Lamb Bites, containing lamb, peas, lentils, and a combination of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Chicken Bites, comprising chicken, an assortment of grains, and a blend of fruits and vegetables.

Bezzie also has plans to introduce additional products in the future, so be sure to stay updated on the company’s website!

Bezzie’s Range of Wet Food (Nosh):

Additional Offerings

Bezzie exclusively provides dry food (bites) and wet food (nosh) for dogs. Additional products like treats or toys are not within their offering.


Bezzie’s pricing is tailored to your dog’s specific attributes, including size, age, breed, and activity level, among other factors. According to the company’s pricing page, the estimated weekly cost is as follows:

  • Small dog (~10lb): Approximately $10.05 per week.
  • Medium-sized dog (~40lb): Roughly $25.30 per week.
  • Large dog (~70lb): Around $39.25 per week.

When setting up a new account, you’ll be prompted to provide information about your dog. Using this information, Bezzie will craft a customized plan based on your dog’s unique needs. As an example, we went through the process, and the estimated weekly cost for a 30lb, moderately active, 4-year-old dog of an unknown breed amounted to approximately $20.65 per week.

However, the pricing structure offers flexibility:

  • A 50/50 mix of wet and dry food is priced at $20.65 per week.
  • Opt for 100% dry food (bites) for just $5.63 per week.
  • Opt for 100% wet food for $33.80 per week.

Shipping incurs a cost of $9.99 per delivery, with boxes dispatched every four weeks. On your first order (which covers two weeks of food), you can enjoy a generous 70% discount and free shipping.

Feedback from Pet Owners About Bezzie:

Отзывы о корме для собак Bezzie

  1. “Chloe absolutely loved her meal! She devoured the Lamb Bites and Beef Nosh with enthusiasm, and she’s quite the picky eater.”
  2. “She left her old kibble behind and eagerly enjoyed the Salmon Bites! #spoileddoodle”
  3. “Rey has been finicky about food for most of his life. But now, he eagerly devours his Bezzie meals within seconds, which brings me immense joy to see him so excited about his food.”

In Summary :

Bezzie, despite being a recent entrant in the dog food subscription box market, has quickly emerged as a strong contender among industry leaders. The company stands out for its commitment to using high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, personalized recipes, and the inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, the process of creating a personalized diet plan for your dog when signing up for a new account simplifies meal planning. Bezzie delivers food boxes on a monthly basis, and the pricing is considered quite reasonable. If you’re in search of a dog food subscription box, we recommend exploring Bezzie’s website.

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