Heartland Cat Food Review
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Heartland Cat Food Review

In this heartland cat food review, we delve into the history and offerings of the brand. Heartland cat food, founded by Dottie McCallister-Lokken and her husband, Roger, is renowned in the US and Canada for its canned and frozen cat food.

Initially, the brand derived its recipes from their family farm, which started retailing in the 1960s, making it among the pioneers of premium cat food in America. “Tastes like a meal!” has been Heartland’s enduring slogan since 1968. Their menu boasts 10 canned flavors, ranging from chicken with salmon to intriguing seafood options like crabmeat shrimp chowder, tuna hotdish, and chicken tamale.

Heartland doesn’t just stop at wet food; they present five dry kibble varieties: chicken and turkey, beef, lamb, and fish. A notable aspect of their packaging is the commitment to sustainability. Their cat food containers are 100% recycled plastic pails paired with recyclable lids. Constructed from a mix of high-quality linear HDPE, virgin HDPE, and recycled HDPE sourced from post-consumer fiber packaging, these pails emphasize eco-friendliness. However, it’s worth noting that a 68-ounce can contains over 90% calories from fat.

Best 3 Heartland Cat Food

Best 3 Heartland Cat Food review

The top 3 Heartland cat food products are:

1. Heartland Farms Dry Kitten Cat Food

Heartland Farms Dry Kitten Cat Food


This feed is tailored for kittens, boasting high-quality protein sourced from chicken and lamb. However, a potential drawback is its predominantly kibble content, making it less suitable for mature cats.


  • Only single food for kittens by Heartland Farms
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Rich source of protein


  • Lack of ingredients information
  • Less customer feedback

2. Heartland Farms Canned Cat Food

Heartland Farms Canned Cat Food

Comprising 10% fat and roughly 47% protein, this cat food brand is a solid pick for felines. However, if your cat grapples with sensitive skin, it might not be the ideal option. Its ingredients, sourced from genuine meat, fruits, and vegetables, are proudly produced in the USA.


  • Only single food for kittens by Heartland Farms
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Rich source of protein


  • Lack of ingredients information
  • Less customer feedback

3. Heartland Farms Wet Cat Food

Heartland Farms Wet Cat Food

This cat food comes with a mega-scoop included. Crafted from genuine chicken and turkey, it’s beneficial for managing your cat’s weight. The variety of flavors it offers is impressive, ranging from chicken with salmon to tuna hotdish, crabmeat shrimp chowder, and chicken tamale.


  • Great protein sourced food
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Support cats healthy life


  • Less popular 

Who Makes Heartland Cat Food?

Produced by Heartland Pet Food Company, Heartland cat food is an offshoot of Cargill, a prominent worldwide supplier of agricultural and food items. Established in 1968 by Dottie McCallister-Lokken and Roger, the company has its roots in Ankeny, Iowa.

Where Is Heartland Farms Cat Food Made?

Heartland Farms cat food is made at the Martensdale, Iowa, manufacturing facility by Cargill. This is Heartland’s only facility.

Who Are The Competitors Of Heartland Cat Food?

In the US, many rivals, such as Purina and Iams, produce high-quality cat food. Heartland is also available at various pet and grocery retailers, like Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

What Are The Ingredients Of Heartland Farms Naturals Cat Food?

Every portion of Heartland cat food offers at least 10% animal fat, 10% basic carbohydrates, and up to 1.5% crude protein. The ingredients found in the canned variants include:

Chicken and turkey – comprising chicken, turkey, dehydrated egg product, parsley flakes, and potato flour.

Ingredients in the dry versions are:

Chicken – chicken, turkey, and pork meal.

Beef – beef and lamb meal. 

Lamb – lamb meal. 

Fish – Salmon meal.

This brand stands out as it avoids using corn or wheat gluten as fillers. They also refrain from incorporating animal by-products, fillers, synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives in their offerings.

Heartland cat food is crafted from natural components. They offer just one canned variant without gravy, limiting flavor options.

Yet, they provide a broad spectrum of choices for felines, encompassing both wet and dry foods, with canned options available both with and without gravy.

Nutritional Information

Compared to other brands, the nutritional profile of this cat food is subpar. It’s not the best choice for overweight or elderly cats. 

The wet variant has about 30% water and constitutes 70% calories, which might not be suitable for heavier cats. The dry formula only offers 10% protein, falling short of the 20% typically needed by cats.

Such protein content also aids in preventing crystal formation in a cat’s urinary system, promoting better health.

While meat constitutes a minor portion of the canned food content, the remainder includes fruits and vegetables. These don’t match the protein levels of chicken and turkey. The overall fat content is low, with the exception of the kibble variant.

How Is The Public Response About The Heartland Farms Cat Food?

Numerous individuals have had a positive experience with this brand. Typically, they mention their cats enjoying the taste and its cost-effectiveness. While some find the aroma of the wet food off-putting, others believe it’s pleasant and not too strong.

Is Heartland Farm Kitten Food Good For Kittens?

While this cat food brand is commendable, it’s not advised for kittens. The nutritional profile lacks the fat content kittens require. For those with kittens carrying extra weight, this might not be the best option.

Heartland Cat Food Coupons

As previously noted, coupons for Heartland Farms cat food and dry kibble are accessible. This offers consumers savings on their feline’s meals when shopping at Pet Smart and PetCo.

Is Heartland Cat Food Natural?

Heartland cat food is crafted from natural components and lacks artificial colors, fillers, or flavors.

Do Heartland Cat Foods Contain Gluten?

Heartland cat food items are free from wheat and gluten. This brand avoids using gluten as an ingredient or filler. It’s an ideal choice for felines with sensitive skin or other allergies.

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