Farmina cat food review
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Farmina cat food review

I did farmina cat food review because it is one of my TOP best dry cat foods due to its high quality ingredients. Dive into a more in-depth review to see why this is a great option for your little furry friends.

Characteristics of farmina cat food

Quality of Farmina ingredients 5/5
Taste 4.5/5
Health Benefits 5/5
Value 4.5/5


A very high quality premium dry food for cats. All of the kibbles were eaten very fast due to the small kibble size. Slightly more expensive but still very good value for what you are getting. highly recommended.

Quality of Ingredients

I have set guidelines to go by every time I choose a wet or dry food for my cats. It ensures that they are getting food as healthy as possible for their natural diets.

  • NO Grain
  • NO Artificial Flavours or Preservatives
  • NO Potentially Poisonous Ingredients
  • Meat is the First 2 Ingredients

Farmina Natural and Delicious strictly avoids grains and gluten in their products. Like all dry foods, a binder is necessary to maintain the food’s structure during cooking, and in this instance, potato serves this purpose. While it’s common for dry foods to include potato, here it ranks third in the ingredients. The percentage of potato used isn’t specified, so it’s unclear if it’s excessive. Nonetheless, meat tops the ingredients list, which aligns with my standards. Therefore, I rate it 5 stars for fully adhering to my criteria.

farmina cat food reviews

Taste of Farmina food

I often struggle with this section as my cats are not particularly choosy, yet it’s clear they eagerly responded to the kibble sounds and always emptied their bowls. My recent experiment with Acana Regionals Meadowland was a hit with them. Although their eating vigor wasn’t as high as with Acana, the complete consumption of the food during the test period indicates its tastiness.

Kibble Size of Farmina

Kibble Size of Farmina

Similar to my Acana Regionals evaluation, I’ve included this section out of necessity. I observed that the kibbles of Farmina Natural Delicious are quite small. My medium-sized cats seemed to eat them with ease, likely because of their size. I didn’t notice any digestive issues. However, I’ve read that for larger cats, small kibbles might pose a problem as they might swallow them without proper chewing, leading to digestive issues. For those with larger cats, Acana Regionals Meadowland could be a better option due to its larger kibble size.

Health Benefits of Farmina cat food

I’m happy to share that this dry food had no adverse effects on either of my cats. Their coats remained glossy, their bowel movements regular, and their energy levels stable. It’s important to allow cats time to adjust to new food, but if you observe any extended problems with a particular diet, it’s best to discontinue it right away. With the vast variety of cat foods available in the market, it’s quite feasible to find one that your cat will enjoy.

Value Farmina food

In this rare instance, I have some criticism regarding Farmina Natural and Delicious. Despite its high quality, which might justify the cost, I believe the price is a bit steep. A comparison with Merrick: Before Grain reveals that one can obtain high-quality food with wholesome ingredients at a slightly lower price. Nevertheless, if you’ve previously explored less expensive options, then Farmina is an excellent choice to consider.

The best Farmina Dry cat food

  • Farmina Prime Boar & Apple
  • Farmina Ancestral Grain Chicken & Pomegranate (Dry)
  • Farmina Prime Chicken & Pomegranate

The best Farmina wet cat food

  • Farmina Pumpkin Feline Venison & Pumpkin
  • Farmina Ocean Feline Sea Bass, Sardine & Shrimp
  • Farmina Pumpkin Feline Quail & Pumpkin

The best Farmina cat food for Kitten

  • Farmina Ocean Feline Cod, Shrimp & Pumpkin Kitten
  • Farmina Prime Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten
  • Farmina Prime Chicken & Pomegranate Kitten (Dry)

Summary of Farmina cat food

This dry food stands out for its exceptional quality. The global production of Farmina might contribute to its higher price, possibly due to import costs. My cats had no issues with it and eagerly ate every kibble. If you’re experimenting with various premium dry foods, it’s definitely worth trying. I highly recommend it.

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